Crime Fiction Friday: JUNKYARD DOG

My Denny the Dent story, “Junkyard Dog” is featured for Crime Fiction Friday at MysteryPeople this week:

Crime Fiction Friday: JUNKYARD DOG by Thomas Pluck

Thanks to Scott Montgomery and crew for choosing me. This one’s a favorite of mine. A new Denny story is in the works as we speak.

You can get all 5 Denny stories in Denny the Dent: 5 Tales of Street Justice.

Interview at MysteryPeople

I was interviewed by the one and only Scott Montgomery, bookseller extraordinaire, for MysteryPeople.

We talk pulp novels, martial arts, World War II, favorite authors, and gumbo…


My story “Gumbo Weather” at Crime Fiction Friday

“The daily sun shower speckled the windshield with diamonds.”

My story “Gumbo Weather” is featured in Crime Fiction Friday at MysteryPeople.

This is the first Jay Desmarteaux story, and I am working on a final round of edits of his first novel. The story first appeared in Needle: A Magazine of Noir, and is also available in Steel Heart: Ten Tales of Crime & Suspense, along with another Jay story, “Kamikaze Death Burgers at the Ghost Town Cafe.”

Steel Heart: 10 Tales of Crime and Suspense  is available at the following e-book retailers: Kobo, through Watchung Booksellers or BookPeople; Amazon for Kindle; Barnes & Noble for Nook; Smashwords, in many formats, including to read online, and Apple iPad.

MysteryPeople chooses Blade of Dishonor for their top 5

MysteryPeople chose Blade of Dishonor in their top 5 debut crime novels of the year.

I’m in fine company alongside Todd Robinson, whose The Hard Bounce was one of my favorite reads this year, Anonymous-9’s over the top and unique Hard Bite, Daniel B. O’Shea’s Chicago crime thriller Penance, and Terry Shames’s small-town Texas murder A Killing at Cotton Hill.


Blade of Dishonor was a blast to write, and I’m very glad it’s just as much of a blast to read. It is now available for the Nook as well as Kindle and Trade Paperback. Signed copies are on hand at Watchung Booksellers and The Mysterious Bookshop, and Texans can head to BookPeople in Austin for their fix.

You can read more about it on the Blade of Dishonor page–blurbs from Andrew Vachss, Wayne Dundee, Charlie Stella and Josh Stallings, and great reviews from Crimespree, MysteryPeople, Criminal Element, and more.

A Message from Sensei Scott:

“When you take this book from my hand, grasshopper, you may leave.”*

Sensei Scott 2

BLADE OF DISHONOR is now available at BookPeople in Austin.  Sensei Scott Montgomery is the curator of Mystery People, one of the finest crime fiction selections in America if not the world. If you can take the book from his hands- which should be easy, since he’s giving it to you- you may leave. I am honored to find my novel in such fine company. Thank you, Scott!

*even ninja must pay for the book before leaving the store