Jay Desmarteaux hits ThugLit

Jay Desmarteaux, the walking Cajun shitstorm who stars in “Gumbo Weather,” “Ramapough Ringer,” “Kamikaze Death Burgers at the Ghost Town Cafe,” and my novel BURY THE HATCHET (currently seeking representation) appears in a new misadventure, “The Last Detail,” in the new issue of ThugLit (number 19) for September/October. Yes, it’s a play on the Hal Ashby flick starring Jack Nicholson, but Jay’s not a Navy cop escorting a prisoner… he’s handcuffed to a fiery-tempered woman in her Corvette with an unpinned grenade, and it’s up to you to tell which is more dangerous.


Noir at the Bar NYC 9/6/15


I’m one of the suckers reading each other’s work. A story that we get 10 minutes before we read it.

This should be fun…

A Hot Night in Hub City

hub city poster chuck regan

My next reading will be on Saturday, August 29th at Noir at the Bar New Jersey, at Tumulty’s pub in New Brunswick. Hosted by Jen Conley and Mark Krajnak, look at that great lineup (and poster, by Chuck Regan). Come join us. I’ll be hitting Destination Dogs before the show,

Noir at the Bar NYC: August 9th 2015

11782386_811157435665086_6407814424280149861_oThe next Noir at the Bar NYC will be held on August 9th, hosted by me and Todd Robinson, with readings by:

Laura K Curtis
Jordan Harper
RG Belsky
Tom Callahan
Vincent Zandri
Scott Adlerberg
Eryk Pruitt
Angel Colon
Wallace Stroby

come join us for a night of crime fiction!

True Detective S2E2: “Night Finds You”

My review of last night’s episode of True Detective is up on Criminal Element:
“We get the world we deserve.”

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 4.03.24 PM

True Detective Season 2, episode 1: The Western Book of the Dead

My recap and review of True Detective season 2 will be on Criminal Element every Monday morning. Here’s the first episode, The Western Book of the Dead.

It takes an Ellroy tack, gives us more characters: 3 cops and a crook, including Rachel McAdams, and keeps its despair on full throttle.


Noir at the Bar Manhattan on June 7


The lineup:

Galal Chater
Rob Hart
James Ray Tuck Jr
Jen Conley
William Welles
Thomas Pluck
Ken Wishnia
SJ Rozan
Richie Narvaez
Tim Hall
Jason Starr
Todd Robinson

Join us at Shade, 241 Sullivan St. in Manhattan, corner of West 3rd. Easy walk from the blue ACE line and the 9th Street PATH station. The fun begins at 6pm, and ends only when we run out of noir.