Writer Types Podcast: Summer Reads

While I was in California, Eric Beetner and S.W. Lauden, the crime fiction duo behind the Writer Types podcast, were kind enough to interview me. If you’re not into podcasts, Eric and Steve are both professional editors, so they know how to cut the chaff. They do a great interview, and we had lots of fun. Also in this episode are Meg Gardiner, John Rector, Jordan Harper, and Angel Luis Colón. Listen to it here.


It’s Vodka O’Clock! – I drop by Elizabeth Amber’s podcast

dexcon 2014

Author, podcaster, and cosplayer extraordinaire Elizabeth Amber had me over for a chat on her podcast Vodka O’Clock, to chat crime fiction, comics, this crazy reality we live in, and my latest book, Bad Boy Boogie.

Hop on over to Vodka O’Clock for a listen!

and while you’re at it, check out her Farrah Wethers mysteries, Full Body Manslaughter and Cardiac Arrest.


Vodka O’Clock with Amber Unmasked

Vodka O’Clock with Amber Unmasked

Amber Unmasked – that east coast avenger who champions the down and the dirty and the nerdy, was gracious enough to interview me about all things geekalicious- books, movies, comics, the business of writing, and charitable work with PROTECT and to help victims of superstorm Sandy. 

I had a blast- and a Hellhound on my Ale brew by Dogfish Head- and if you want to enjoy a virtual beer with me, drop on by … it’s always

Amber Unmasked

She didn’t need the lasso of truth to get me talking…