My Interview with Rick Mofina

My Interview with Rick Mofina

I interview former crime reporter Rick Mofina about his latest thriller, INTO THE DARK, at the Big Thrill.

Interview with Reed Farrel Coleman in The Big Thrill

I interviewed Reed Farrel Coleman in The Big Thrill about his upcoming (and penultimate) Moe Prager mystery, ONION STREET. We talk old NYC, writing, and a lot more.

Interview with Reed Farrel Coleman for The Big Thrill

onion street

Interview with Susanna Calkins

Interview with Susanna Calkins

I interviewed Susanna Calkins for The Big Thrill this month about her debut novel, A MURDER AT ROSAMUND’S GATE. Set in 17th Century London amidst plague and fire, chambermaid Lucy Campion seeks to exonerate a loved one accused of murder. The best kind of historical mystery, Calkins chooses a genuinely interesting setting which challenges our presumptions about the past.




I interview W. Soliman about her latest Charlie Hunter thriller, LETHAL BUSINESS, over at The Big Thrill this month.

Interview with Amy Lignor in The Big Thrill

In this issue of The Big Thrill, I interview author Amy Lignor about her conspiracy-adventure through history, “13,” which begins in the New York Public Library. The first in her new Tallent & Lowery series, fans of the DaVinci Code take note. Lignor is the author of a the young adult series The Angel Chronicles, and the book sounds like a blast for those of us who like forgotten history and ancient conspiracies. This one’s got Jack the Ripper, Aleister Crowley, and a lot more.

Read the interview here at The Big Thrill.