Strength Toward Justice

I wrote about redefining modern masculinity for The Good Men Project.


Topless Activism and Bad-ass Librarians

Topless Activism
Topless at the NY Public Library.

I wrote about the Outdoor Co-Ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation society for The Good Men Project. Not because I enjoy admiring brave and beautiful women, but because they struck me as a force for change. First something is shocking, then it becomes controversial, then it becomes something you barely notice. Our bodies will always be sexualized to a degree, but if we stop seeing each other as consumables, it’s a good thing.

And now, Librarians recreate the Beastie Boys video for SABOTAGE:

Listen alla y’all, your book’s OVER DUE!

Confronting the Devil on your Shoulder

I’m back at The Good Men Project talking about self-repair. Dealing with emotional abuse, getting clued in by Andrew Vachss, and how I broke the cycle.

Confronting the Devil on Your Shoulder

photo: hatchibombotar / flickr

“…with enough reinforcement, whether it comes from peers or parents, the recipient begins to believe what’s being said. Long after the bully is gone, the devil on their shoulder whispers self-hate, repeating the litany of abuse.”

In the article, I link to “You Carry the Cure in Your Own Heart” by Andrew Vachss, which is nearly 20 years old now. It look a long time for me to put his words to good use.

“Find what matters to you and hunt it down like Teddy Roosevelt would a wildebeest, or Hemingway would a Marlin.” — The Good Men Project

The Little Gold Colt – Guns, Fear, and Manhood

My essay “The Little Gold Colt,” about fear, guns, and the struggle for manhood, is up at The Good Men Project today.

gold colt