True Detective S2E7: Everything is F*cking! (Sung to “Everything is Awesome”)

My take on the next to last episode of True Detective Season 2 is up at Criminal Element.

I had the same issues with the final two episodes of the first season, when they scramble to tie everything up. Ask for ten or thirteen episodes next time…

The majority of the detecting is sitting around looking at photos and land deeds

The writing gets even worse, with a forced sex scene between Ray and Ani, and an escort sneering, “Everything is fucking!” Which made me think of…

Only one more to go. 90 minutes. At least Frank ordered an arsenal for a shootout…

True Detective 2.04: “Down Will Come”

My recap of last night’s episode of True Detective, “Down Will Come” is up at Criminal Element.


True Detective S2E2: “Night Finds You”

My review of last night’s episode of True Detective is up on Criminal Element:
“We get the world we deserve.”

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True Detective Season 2, episode 1: The Western Book of the Dead

My recap and review of True Detective season 2 will be on Criminal Element every Monday morning. Here’s the first episode, The Western Book of the Dead.

It takes an Ellroy tack, gives us more characters: 3 cops and a crook, including Rachel McAdams, and keeps its despair on full throttle.


True Detective: The Finale

My take on the finale of the first season of TRUE DETECTIVE is live now on Criminal Element:

True Detective: 1.08 “Form and Void” Brings the Story Full Circle


True Detective, episode two: “Seeing Things.”

True Detective, episode two: “Seeing Things.”

I’m greatly enjoying the new HBO series True Detective, by Southern gothic / crime writer Nic Pizzolatto. Here’s my take on episode two, which airs tomorrow. I also picked up Nic’s short story collection Between Here and the Yellow Sea, after the opening story, “Ghost Birds,” grabbed me. His novel Galveston sounds like a winner as well.

True Detective – First Impressions

I got a sneak peek at the premiere of HBO’s True Detective and wrote about my impressions for Criminal Element. I think the show has a lot of promise, and might be the series Southern noir fans have been waiting for. One of the detectives has a copy of Sex Crimes by former Chief of Special Victims Alice Vachss, which is a nice touch.