In which I dare to be stupid

My friend Jay Amabile, behind the Jersey geekdom site The Sexy Armpit (which is not an armpit sex site, I swear) mentioned that the one and only Weird Al Yankovic would be signing books in New Jersey yesterday. At the Clifton Commons, which is on my way home from work.

me and weird al

So I had to go. Who cares that my niece won’t be able to read the book for some years, it is inscribed to her, and that means she will know who “Weird Al” is, which is a good thing. Mr. Yankovic is one of the pioneers of pop culture satire who proved that if you love something, you should make fun of it, a philosophy I believe to my core. I told him I’ve been a fan since “I love Rocky Road” (which is a terrifying 31 years old) and he was a friendly gent, despite having the plastic gleam of those brave souls who’ve made their living in front of the camera for decades. (You know, when people look more like an airbrushed speedboat than flesh? or is that just me?)