Tommy Gun

I’m not half bad with a Chicago typewriter.

Bread and Milk

Stay safe out there. Snow predicted.
Yes, I bought bread and milk today. I think it is deeply embedded in our DNA. When a hurricane is coming, you get booze and gas and a hatchet. When it’s snow, you get bread and milk and cold cuts. And sometimes terlet paper.

RIP, Lou Reed.

I don’t know enough about Lou Reed as a person to mourn his passing, but his contribution to rock music is undeniable. Other than “Take a Walk on the Wild Side,” during my senior year in high school he released the concept album “New York,” which I bought after hearing the catchy single “Dirty Blvd.” It’s an excellent picture of New York in the ’80s. Here is the entire album.
You can also buy it here:
Lou Reed New York

Two Triple Cheese, Side Order of Fries

I saw this first on HBO or Up All Nite, and it remains one of my favorite lesser-known theme songs.
By Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen.

White Sandy Beach of Hawai’i – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

I first heard Iz in Hawai’i at a music shop where I bought a gourd. I can’t play music for shit, sadly. I was born with a heart murmur, and I blame it for my musical arrhythmia. That and my chronic honkitude… I grew up in the town where Martha Stewart is from. Did you hear she’s dating on Thanks to CNN for broadcasting that ‘news.’
Iz died in 1997, only a few years after achieving fame with his amazing covers of “Over the Rainbow” and “Country Roads.” His album FACING FUTURE has all the songs I mentioned and for me, is as soulful and talented an album you are likely to find.

Was (Not Was) – Papa was a Rollin’ Stone

“Papa was a rolling stone… wherever he laid his hat was his home, and when he died, all he left us was alone.”
The Temptations sang that first. Real poetry there. I first heard it from Was (Not Was) on their excellent Are You Okay? album.
The first song I’d heard by them was the hilarious “Hello Dad! I’m in Jail!” on MTV Liquid Television, back when they played music. They got big for “Walk the Dinosaur” in that Flintstones movie, which I am glad to say I have never seen.
They were an eclectic group and always rather interesting, but still could rock things out. Detroit soul in their blood.
I love their cover of “I Can’t Turn You Loose” as well:

And now… Dad! I’m in JAIL:

Happy birthday Angus!

Happy birthday to Angus Young of AC/DC.
This is one of my favorite tunes of theirs, a pure rock ‘n roll sex anthem that will shake the house down, just like Rosie dancing in a condemned structure.
Whole Lotta Rosie Live in Colchester 1978.