Signed Copies Available

I can’t blame the supply chain, my publisher accidentally sent these to my old address. Sarah and I picked them up on Thanksgiving, and I was very thankful to finally hold this beautiful book in my hands. That purple cover? It’s Plum Crazy, the paint code of Jay Desmarteaux’s banged-up ’71 Challenger from Bad Boy Boogie. He’s still driving it in the sequel, as he heads home to Louisiana to find his family… and comes home to hell.

This book captures everything I love about Louisiana—the people, the cultures, the food, the stunning landscape, the music—and everything I don’t, like the corrupt carceral system, Angola prison, and the festering hatred of some of its denizens. It begins at the monument to the slaughter of Bonnie & Clyde, and ends at the Wildest Show in the South, the Angola prison rodeo, and is a full-on blast from Bourbon Street to the Bayou in between. You can read the first chapter at Criminal Element.

I also have copies of the first book, Bad Boy Boogie, and Blade of Dishonor, my first novel, an adventure set in modern-day America and Japan, and on the European front in World War 2. The one BookPeople calls “The Raider of the Lost Ark of pulp paperbacks.” The links go to excerpts so you can have a taste.

I am sorry but I can’t ship overseas or to Canada at this time, as the charges are just too high. If you want me to get a shipping quote, email me using the Contact Form.

If you get it from your local bookshop, send me a photo of you with the book and I’ll mail you a signed card, free of charge.

I can take Paypal or Venmo or even a cheque. Contact me here.

One book, with media mail shipping to the US: $22.95

Any two books: $45

All 3 books: $60