Thomas Pluck has slung hash, worked on the docks, trained in martial arts in Japan, and even swept the Guggenheim museum (but not as part of a clever heist). He hails from Nutley, New Jersey, home to criminal masterminds Martha Stewart and Richard Blake, but has so far evaded capture. He is the author of Bad Boy Boogie, his first Jay Desmarteaux crime thriller, and Blade of Dishonor, an action adventure which BookPeople called “the Raiders of the Lost Ark of pulp paperbacks.”

Joyce Carol Oates calls him “a lovely kitty man.”

He shares his hideout with his sassy Louisiana wife ‘Firecracker’ and their two felines: an aloof rescued Siamese named Charlie and an incorrigible dingus named Louie.

Wrestling with Keigo Kunihara, who fought in UFC55. For the record, he kicked my ass.


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  1. Just read your review of “Raker” by Don Scott. I just found a used copy of “Raker” and “Tijuana Traffic” on Amazon.

  2. […] Thomas Pluck contacted me, asking for a price quote on a formatting job. I told the old man, “If it’s for one of his charity projects, I’ll do it for free.” Sure enough, it’s an anthology to benefit PROTECT, an organization devoted to wiping out child abuse. (a few of you know about my adopted daughters, so it’s no surprise I didn’t hesitate to say I’d do the project) […]

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